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Best Plan to Build Glutes & Get Fat Off the Stomach?

I’ve been going to the gym for over a year now and am not seeing the results I’d like. I’m just now researching and making diet changes, but my knowledge at this point is minimal. I’m sure my workout plan could be better and more diet changes are necessary. I just don’t know how to create the plan for both that will give me the results.

Currently, I lift 3-4 times a week and run 2-3 times a week. (I’m also starting to train for a half-marathon if that matters).


Easy fix: don’t create it, pick one of the many programs and diets out there. You won’t even need to go beyond T-Nation.

Yes, it matters. You need to pick complimentary goals if you’re going to focus on more than one. What are your goals? When setting goals, be aware that ‘adding muscle’, ‘getting fitter’ or ‘losing fat’ aren’t goals; adding three pounds of lean mass, taking a minute off your best mile or getting abs visible throughout the day are.

Forget the title, this will build glutes and get in great overall shape…

If half marathon an overwhelming priority then lift 2 days a week tops and make your running and lower body prehab/ mobility your main focus

Squat your way to intermediate to advanced strength level and then go on a cut.

A few quick thoughts:

1- Wanna lose fat from your stomach (or anywhere)? Look at your diet. Whether you’re training to run a marathon or to fuel your weight work and build a buff physique, your diet has to support that goal.

2- Build glutes? You can set up a glute centric series of exercises to tack onto your current training plan, or simply hit a more glute isolation option (ie. hip thrusts?) before a compound movement that incorporates them (back squats) and see if you feel that :slight_smile:


Build glutes and lose fat, I would highly recommend some Kettlebell work, Kettlebell sport type workouts will work wonders for you! Make sure you find someone who knows what they are doing with a Kettlebell, there’s a lot of terrible instruction out there