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Best Plan for Test C and Test P

I somehow ended up with a vial of test c and test p. What’s the best cycle I could make with them. Also, I already have nolva and an ai.

Maybe some more information about yourself would be relevant…

Your age
Training history
Cycle history

What’s the concentration (mg/ml) and volume (ml) of each vial? You might not have enough for a cycle to be worth it.

They are both 250mg 10mL vials

A typical cycle would be 500mg/week for 3 months + drugs in hand for PCT starting after your levels return to normal.

Very rare u find that potent of a test P dose , have fun with that pip if your correct about it being test p 250 lol

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10 weeks at 500mg a week is a decent cycle, using equal parts of both and injecting twice a week.

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So should I start with the Cypionate or propionate or alternate

Prop has a very short half-life, so daily or EOD injections on that are pretty much necessary. You can mix it up however you want, just know that your levels will fall quickly on prop.