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Best Plan for Natural Lifters - Not Training to Failure

Hi Coach C

I have bean following the “Best damn workout plan for natural lifters part 1”. I just purchased the new “Best workout plan for natural lifters Advanced strategies”. The old plan required 2 prep sets and 1 work set with a double rest/pause, double drop set or mtor once failure is reached on the work set. I did not see anything in the new plan about pushing past failure on the work set with rest/pauses or drop sets… You actually say not to go to failure and to leave 1 rep in the tank on the work set in the new plan. Why the difference in the new plan?

What I actually recommend is not “hitting failure” on a set. Which means that I don’t want you to fail at a rep. But you do as many complete reps as possible.

And BTW, some of the methods of the older programs will come up in future phases. I have 36 methods spread over 6 phases that get gradually more demanding.

That makes sense! Thanks for taking the time to respond!