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Best Plan for Natural Lifters 2: Drop Set Alternative?

Hi Coach C

I am currently on Best Plan for Natural Lifters 2 Phase 2. The last technique in the phase requires doing drop sets. I don’t have access to a dumbbell rack or machines and as a result doing drop sets is difficult. Is there another technique you would suggest doing in the place of the drop set technique?

Thanks in advance

I’m not CT but I can offer you some valid suggestions. If you only want advice from him, ignore my message. If not, read on.

If you’re limited on material, you can do rest-pause, myo reps or even mechanical dropsets. All of these techniques can be performed with the same weight/resistance and even though they are a bit different from dropsets, the goal remains the same: accumulating volume and building maximum fatigue inside the targeted muscle/muscles.


All of Lou’s suggestion would have been what I would have suggested. Another option is range of motion drop sets where, when after your full reps you continue doing half reps and then quarter reps.


Thanks for suggestions Coach C and Lou!