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Best Plan for Hypertrophy Training?

Im 15 years old and want to train for hypertrophy. I am almost 6ft and about 146lbs. I have been training for a few months but nothing too serious. My 1 rep maxes are as follows :

Bench Press: 172lbs
Squat: 262lbs
Deadlift: 270lbs

I would like some advice on the best rep ranges, exercises, nutrition and programs for hypertrophy. Any contribution is welcome and appreciated.


Read through the bodybuilding sticky:

Give particular attention to the Bodybuilding Bible, all of the “how do you train” threads, and all of the Newb help threads.

You are also going to want to make sure your technique for the bench press, squat, and deadlift are safe and correct (search for articles on this website to help you with that).

You have to eat. 146 lbs at 6 foot is pretty skinny. What’s your current food intake look like?

Ok thanks Mr Popular. Eh Therizza my food intake looks like this:

Breakfast: Bowl of porridge, juice and a Banana and a pint of milk

Snack 10.30: Tub of nuts

Lunch: Lunchbox full of pasta and chopped up chicken, 2 yoghurts, an apple and a cereal bar

Snack 3pm: Tub of nuts

Dinner: Serving of meat, potatoes and vegetables, pint of milk

Snack 8pm: Bowl of cereal or a sandwich

Before bed: Peanut butter on toast .

Do you guys have any tips on what kind of rep ranges or exercises ?

[quote]Boycedog wrote:

Do you guys have any tips on what kind of rep ranges or exercises ?[/quote]

Start by reading through the top 4 threads in this forum.

Doesnt say much about rep ranges or exercises though ?