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Best Places to Find New Music

I know there are a millon music threads. This one is about best places to find new music. I know a lot of lifters are into hard rock, heavy alternative, and most types of metal. Here are a couple of sites for these styles.

http://www.bravewords.com/ also has a printed magazine. has an audio player that has a lot of the latest releases. currently playing “Nail” by Omnium Gatherum off “The Red Shift” cd

their statistics:
15524 articles
11563 bands
9524 bands have extended info
59233 band members listed
36260 band releases listed

I like all types of music. I also have sites for everything from opera to delta blues. Tell me whatcha got.

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Check out Cog, butterfly effect, Karnivool and Dead Letter Circus if you are a fan of alt-rock/melodic metal - probably the best of the genre’s that my country has to offer atm.

I find Lastfm to be good, and also browsing the influences of bands I’m into.