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Best Places to Apply TRT Gel

So I’ve been put on a compounded testosterone gel that I am to apply twice daily. My questions are where the best places to apply the gel are for absorption and how much of the gel I should apply to the scrotum to create optimal DHT levels. 2 pumps of the product is 1gram and I take 2grams per day. HCG and anastrozole are also in my TRT regimen.

Pub Med has a study comparing sites of application for use of Testim and Androgel.

My andrologist told me a few weeks ago that the flanks are the best spot to apply gels.

I’m not familiar with compounded gels you speak of, but I suppose there’s no difference. However, Testim and Androgel aren’t supposed to be applied to the scrotum.

Here: www.aace.com/...ypogonadism.pdf