Best Place to Inject/Needle Size

About to start my first cycle; (see thread “First Cycle - High Level Athlete…” for info on that)

My question is what is the best size needle to use and where is the best injection site?

.5 ml of Sustanon eod is what will be injected.

I was thinking 18g to draw and 23g 1" syringe for injection into the quad or maybe a 25g 1" insulin syringe(that’s just after doing a quick search and some quick reading though)…thoughts/experiences/suggestions?

I draw with a 21g, pin with a 25. And my favourite site is the ventrogluteal.

Quads are my favorite, but you need to rotate. Quads/glutes/ventroglutes would give you 6 sites and that’s probably good enough. If you inject in the same spot without giving it some time to heal you’ll build up scar tissue and then it’s a bitch to get the needle in and 5x as painful.

23g 1" for quads, 23g 1.5" for glutes/vg. has good pictures to show you exactly where to stick it

After trying many types out I’m spoiled with my lovely 23g 5/8" 1ml syringes. Or maybe I use 25g now… The scripts are never consistent. Strangely I’ve bought them over the counter boxes at a time just walking in somewhere, no script! Strange.

I use quads, delts and pecs

18 gauge, testicle shot.

No, don’t try that! 23 gauge, 1.5" gluteal.

[quote]600lb Gorilla wrote:
18 gauge, testicle shot.

No, don’t try that! 23 gauge, 1.5" gluteal.[/quote]

Legit lol…thanks for the info.

What overstand said for the most part.

Due to supply issues I am having to load and shoot with the same needle so I picked a 23g. I use 1.5 for ventrogluteal, 1 inch for quads, and 5/8 or 1 inch for delts.

Ideally I load with a 21 or 22, and shoot with a 25. 23 doesn’t hurt either though in my experience.

25 gauge 1" I run a line down my quad.