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Best Place To Hit Someone

Where is the best place to hit someone in a fight (just out of pure curiousity). Where is a good 1-hit knock out spot, or other spots to make them think twice?

The nose?

id say someplace random like a good punch to the calf. They’ll be completely shocked and forget why they’re even fighting you.

the taint.

The throat. I’ve seen that stop a few fights before they’ve even gotten started.

With the front bumper of your car.

You are aware that if you punch someone in the head they can die. And if there are witnesses you will go to jail. Right?

I wouldn’t punch. I’ve always gone for the grapple. Worked as a bouncer for over a year and never threw a punch, but i threw a few people.

Punching is not worth it legally speaking.

[quote]Mr2Geez wrote:
The throat. I’ve seen that stop a few fights before they’ve even gotten started.[/quote]

Ditto. It’s actually hard not to cause serious injury when going for the throat.

The solar plex, nothing like the feeling of mortality. Stay away from bones, seen a lot of guys with broken knuckles while there opponents only had a small bruise.

How hard do you have to punch someone to kill them?
Maybe you should learn to throw a good punch then worry about where to land it. If you can hit hard enough that it hurts almost anywhere then it could make most assholes back off. Try getting some experience before you make it too complicated.

If you throw someone they could break their neck or hit their head and die. Fighting is risky and dangerous, and you really have to be able to hit fucking hard to kill someone by punching them(or sit there whaling on them forever). If you’re grappling someone his friends could beat you while you’re trying to fight him, it puts you in a vulnerable position against unanticipated 3rd parties.

To sum up, hit the heavy bag, hit the speed bag and hit the weights hard and heavy(to get strong). Dont neglect wrist or neck strength.

solar plex is to small a target to hit in a fight.

throat or groin. no amount of conditioning can help you withstand that.

From behind. With a 50 cal. From a bunker filled weapons. Seriously though, it depends on where/who you are fighting. As pervious posters have noted you can get in a lot of trouble if you hurt someone.

A punch to the head is a bad idea if you don’t have a lot of experience or hand-wraps as you are more likely to break your hand than their head. (Big bone vs. loosly connected small bones). Failing that, leg kicks and body shots. They are reliable and they won’t get you in as much trouble with the law as messing up their face would. If you know how, grapple them down.

I should note at this point that all this assumes that talking your way out / running away are not options.

just taser him

Get strong and hit them hard in the face, I don’t care what bullshit someone knows one good quick punch to the face will fuck there world up.(If they are weaker then you, if they are stronger then you running is what I would suggest).

Punch yourself in the face, who is gonna fuck with someone who beats their own ass?

The best place to punch a shark is the nose.

Remember that if you ever meet a hungry one

Razorslim, the whole shark thing is bullshit. Man vs. Shark is a highly complex match.

Think about it; Yeah a shark will fuck you up in water, BUT why the fuck does he get home field advantage? If you fight a shark on land, the shark gets his ass beat. That is why the regular season is so important, getting a high seed and playing at home is key.

if you want to win a streetfight , just kick him in the balls…

Nose but you might break it then you’re screwed over for a lawsuit. I chose nose because when you hit it it is very fragile and guaranteed to cause the person’s eyes to become watery. Not that their crying but its natural. I got hit in the nose with a baseball when the ball took an unexpected bounce and I wasn’t crying at all but my eyes were very watery. If this happens to a person, they can’t hit what they can’t see.

[quote]dk44 wrote:
Punch yourself in the face, who is gonna fuck with someone who beats their own ass?[/quote]



[quote]streamline wrote:
The solar plex, nothing like the feeling of mortality. [/quote]

for real now that takes alot of power to affect

best single knock out spots are under the nose,the temple (careful thats also a fatal spot),behind the head on the bottom hollow part the jaw on the bottom of the mouth
behind the ear on the bottom hollow part
and the side of the neck