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Best Place to Get Labs Without Rx?


Hi all, I’ve been reading here for over a year but this is my first post. I’ve been doing TRT via injections since June, and would like to monitor my levels more often than the every 6 months my doc does. I just split my injections (80mg test cyp total per week) from 1x to 2x per week, and I’d like to see if that has effected my T or E2 levels.

I’ve searched here but not found specific recommendations on where to get tested. Online I’ve found Labcorp has a male “follow up trt panel” for $180 that includes everything I need. I’ve also found a sight called lifeextension that has a more basic test panel for $75, but it doesn’t specify if the E2 test is the “sensitive” assay that is recommended on this board.

Can anyone recommend a lab that has a good price and good reputation? I am in Charlottesville VA.



I recommend discountedlabs.com. They have a complete hormone panel that is good pre-trt and a follow-up panel that is good for checking levels while on trt. You can add other tests that you may be interested in monitoring. Once you place your order on their site you receive a bloodwork order via email that you print out and take to the collection site. Check the site for the lab closest to you.


Private MD.com




I’ve always used discountedlabs.com as well.


What is the consensus on the saliva and blood spot testing? Obviously having a proper blood draw is preferred, but how accurate are these tests? Anyone have any info?

If they are somewhat accurate, it would be nice to help dial in e2.