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Best Place for Smelling Salts


Where is the best place to buy them?


Get some ammonia from EFS...can't go wrong with buying anything from EFS.


Nose Tork (smelling salts) is about 3x stronger than any ammonia cap. Liftinglarge.com sells em for 6 bucks I think. They last a long time.


Great tip, thanks. I just ordered some from Inzer along with some knee wraps and the shipping was much more reasonable than liftinglarge.


Thanks guys. I've never tried ammonia caps or nose tork before what exactly does it feel like?


I don't think nose tork is anywhere close to the potency of ammonia caps. And its effectiveness wanes over time.


A punch in the face while two hooks are jammed up your nostrils that're coated with medical disinfectant.


I'm sorry but the only way I could see this being true is if when taking a hit of the nose tork you keep your face too far away from the bottle. Oh, and I can see ammonia caps being stronger if you actually stuck it in your nostril. Nose tork does loose its kick but it usually takes a quite a long time. You only get 10 caps per box for like $5 while nose tork is $6 and lasts much longer than 10 uses.


I agree strongly with d0m.


I get them from CVS. I love ammonia for deadlifts. I tend to black out but it helps me hit big lifts. Save it for meets though because it seems to get less effective if you use it too much


Google ammonia inhalants. First aid sites usually sell a box of 100 caps for ~25. I have a box on its way right now. As an alternative, buy the jug from wal-mart, crank it open and sniff.


Dang how are you guys getting them at retailers? I tried kmart, walmart, cvs, and walgreens none of them in my area sell them.


I got some from work-

one TV studio I work has a zee medical first aid kit mounted on the wall.

I asked the tech who fills it where I could buy some and he gave me a handful.