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Best physiques in Hollywood

Since the topic of Brad Pitt’s physique sparks so much discussion I decided to pose the question of who do you think currently has the top physiques in Hollywood by bodybuilding standards. Only actual stars here no direct-to-video scrubs. My choices 1) Vin Diesel (pitch black, fast and furious) Great size 2)Brad Pitt (fight club) Lean and muscular look. 3)Nicolas Cage in Con Air, great upper body, small legs though. Let’s here them.

I have to agree with those, but I think Michael Jai White has the best physique by far. His back is just plain freaky and is pumped as hell, if you have seen Exit Wounds he freakin traps stick up through a leather jacket of all things. He was looking preety big in Spawn too.

The hero in the final Highlander movie (not Lambert, but his companion).

Sylvester Stallone in ‘The Specialist’

Andrew Barnowski, played Lattimer in “the Program”. Snipes is pretty ripped as well. As for Pitt, he should be the spokesmodel for Frat Boys everywhere. My motto is, you’ve gotta have some muscle to be ripped, that dude is just toned, no buff to him at all.

Edward Norton looked good in American History X. Do you remember Robert Denero in Taxi Driver? He was pretty ripped!

Schwarzanegger and stallone are still up there

Joe Piscopo in Dead Heat was impressive. For women, Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2.

Stallone, Van Damme, and of course arnold

arnold in predator and red heat, nick cage in kiss of death, jamie foxx in any given sunday

Gotta agree with you on that Darko. That suit he wore in Spawn didn’t have any padding (like Michael Keaton in Batman). That was his physique filling it out!

I just watched Snatch and to me Pitt just looked skinny. I think the guy from American Psycho had a better lean and muscular look.

Van Damme in Bloodsport, WarChild in Point Break, Yea Pitt in Fight Club, the guy in Spawn, Dolph Lungren in Rocky IV, “Tiny” in The Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, the guy in the mummy when he was Tarzan. Billy Blanks in some of the Grade C martial arts movies. About the Brad Pitt thing, he’s no monster but I was watching Fight Club for the 20th time the other night and there’s a part when Norton says that fight club because the reason to cut your hair short or trim your finger nails, the scene then shows Pitt cutting his nails from up above, in that scene his back is pretty damn cut.

Mark Whalberg(sp?) in the Big Hit (is that the name of the movie?!). He had some decent size and was super-ripped. Similar to the look I’m after, but don’t think my genetics will let me achieve.

Christian Bale in American Psycho and definitely Stallone and Arnold

Aside from Arnold - I’m gonna have to go with the BARBARIAN BROTHERS - They’re Huge and funny

maybe not best physique, but an incredible transformation: Jon Favreau. from Gutter in PCU to Rocky Marciano.

Probably alot of folks will disagree with this one, but I thought Micky Rourke looked awesome in “Get Carter”.