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Best Performance Enhancers for Sprinting?


What are the best performance enhancers for sprinting?

I don't care about the legality of the substance, i will not be tested.

I think Im going to start an Anavar only cycle at 40mg for 4-5 weeks.

Should I do something else?

Im 22 yrs old, 5'10, 168 lbs, 15-17% BF


You already made this thread.


[quote]Rational Gaze wrote:
You already made this thread.[/quote

no, I didn't say anything about var on that one


The best performance enhancer FOR YOU would be to lose fat. 15-17% on a sprinter is a fatass, relatively speaking.

Those stats also leave you with a comically low amount of muscle mass. Add muscle through appropriate training for your sport


I agree 100%.

A sprinter MUST maximize his power/weight-ratio. Easiest way to do this: lose fat.

Don't even think about var yet. Get to 6-8% first. The performance gain will be noticable.