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Best Percentage of Snatch or Clean for Improving Height of the Pull?


best percentage of snatch or clean lift for improving the height of the pull . What is the best percentage of snatch or clean is best for improving the height of the second pull.


I am assuming doing power snatch pulls , clean pulls will improve the height of the pull. Is that correct?


If done with good form and explosively. Percentage wise im at a loss i suppose ad 10% to start with and increase until form fades.


That strategy doesn't seem to work anymore. I do for example 40kg , 80kg ,110, 130, 150-5kg - then lose height at 160kg and start doing some snatch low pulls and snatch grip deadlifts. I need another 20kg on my lift. I have been considering copy Thibeaudeau and just snatch grip high pulls everyday.


Height of the pull comes from displacement of the barbell. Displacement is largely a product of the power you generate to the bar at each phase of the pull. Optimal loading for power development (based on the most recent research) in the clean is as follows:

From the floor - 80%
From hang - 70%
From mid thigh - 60%

There’s limited research to suggest optimal loading for the snatch, the movement is largely the same (prior to the catch phase) with a few alterations in positioning. Therefore you could assume similar percentages. Also, note that there is no significant differences 10% either side of each of those loads. So technically it is:

From the floor - 70-90%
From Hang - 60-80%
From mid thigh - 50-70%

Hope this helps.


Yes thanks it helps a lot. If my clean were 190 kg it would be 152kg from the floor.
Pracitising 133kg from the hang would be optimal despite on much higher load on the clean of 190kg,
So it confirms the accumulated knowledge power versions increase the height of pull.

Do you have a reference please? How many sets should I do , should I use prelepin table?


I’ve seen older research that stated 60-80% for power development so it looks like that hasn’t changed much. However, I believe that is the range for improving power output that transfers to sprinting, jumping, etc. If you want improve at cleans/snatches them I think you should approach it differently.

I use more than my max when I do pulls. I don’t do a high pull though; I stop at the shrug. I think the height of the bar has more to do with the power generated from the hips; not the pulling you do with your arms.

If what you’ve been doing has stalled then try a regular pull with 100+% of your max instead of high pulls. I recently power cleaned 315 and I was doing pulls with 345 leading up to that. My max prior to that block of training was 295. My 20lb increase is probably due to adding the pulls; I hadn’t done that with any structure in the past.


Thanks Maier.( impressive stuff considering your height -I don’t have far to move the bar).
I may give it a go . I am still trying the contrast method with bands at the moment.
I have tried just bands and the weights have dropped by about 10% after some rest. My deadlift seems to have improved a bit though by 5kg . (or possibly 10kg as it was quite easy).

Thing is I can’t actually catch it, so I just go off height of the bar. I have another session today PM or tomorrow some time so I will try a bit of both possibly. I did 3 X3 at around 130kg yesterday for snatch pulls and that tired me out good for the heavier pulls which were considerably lower in height.

I did some shrug pulls with 180kg when I made 160kg to the sternum. I was out of commission for about 14 days, so they clearly hit the right muscles hard.


Do you mean you’re trying to catch it and failing or you have a reason that don’t try to catch it?

I catch in a power position (1/2-1/4 squat) so I pull the bar a little higher than most. My front squat max is actually less than my power clean… For now.


Here’s my attempt to share my video of me getting 295 two weeks ago.

Hope it works.


It works fine nice work that’s a long way up.


Seems like you are over thinking the lift. Are you over pulling or under pulling?


Nice lift. A ton of power.

Make your life easier and use your heels before you extend.


My goal is to catch it in a power position. By that I mean the same position I’d be in when I prepare to jump (somewhere around 1/4-1/2 squat position). To do that I have to pull higher than if I was doing the Olympic style clean and catching in a full front squat.

Whether or not this is correct is a completely different conversation lol.

I don’t know why I like to catch with my left heel off the ground. Never noticed it til I recently took this video. I think video will be a tool I use now frequently from now on.


I could have been more clear on the heel note.

As the bar moves past the knees and into the thigh/hip region, you should be transferring your weight from your toe to you mid-foot to heel. Hitting the heel is the best way to exert inward pressure on the bar (through lat tension), which causes it to land in/on the body.

If you stay on your toes throughout, you can only pull up and out… or away from the body.

Where you catch it depends only on how high you can pull it.


The heels are supposed to go last, right? Somehow I managed to be shrugging and on my toes with bent knees. Looks like I never got triple extension on that rep. Guess that’s not a terrible thing…? 295 with technical flaws means room for improvement without any strength gains, right?


I think you pulled too early too. Weight on front feet when it should be on the heels.(Chinese style)