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Best Peptide or Compound for Old Rotator Injury?

About 5 years ago I belive I tore my right rotator cuff then a year later my left. My right arm took about 6 months before i could lift my arm up past chest height then slowly got strength back. My left wasnt quite as bad but probably 3 months before it was usable. Never went to the Drs for either was out of work for a while it was a bad time in my life. However now and then I still get pain in my.right shoulder when lifting weights or while working. I have been taking about 15mg of mk677 for the past few weeks. I Just recently joined a gym and started going 3-5 times a week for 1-2 hours. I also work construction. I would like to try to heal whatever is going on inside my shoulder if possible. Also Just got on Test 3 months ago. Was 71Tt and a just as rediculous free t# before starting and my body has been definitely physically improving just because of the elevated testosterone. Hopefully its not permanent damage.

Look into TB500 and/or BPC157