Best PEDs for Over 50?

I need help building muscle. Natural ain’t enough at this age… PS don’t be a dick

You talking just boosting your T level as in TRT or are you talking a hardcore cycle?

Anything to help. Been struggling forever

I normally dont suggest this …but go get your Test level looked at.

Assuming you are low t and get from dr like me, go with the shots way more effective and cheaper. Plus you be able to get pins, they tried charging me 3 bucks a peice for, i called a different pharm brought in my script got a box of 100 for 30 bucks much cheaper. I would have testosterone cypionate or enathate af 200 to 300 milligrams weekly as a base. Decadurabolin and equipoise help with joint pain And Recovery, i would go 200 to 300 a week here also. Now that is going to make you feel better and working out will be fun again. But if you add oral make it winnstrol at 20 to 30mg daily, this will make you more solid, plus winny is prescribed to prevent cardio edema at like 10mg a day, so their at low doses a positive cardiovascular response, their are anti estrogens also. I would try 200test 200deca and 20mg winny for a few months and see how you feel. Have blood work done monitor blood pressure etc,

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Ok but where? How?? Just walk into a lab

You have a Doctor you see on a regular bases? To be honest are you showing signs of Low test levels> weight gain…low energy lack of sex drive that cant be explain by just aging?

You go to your primary get a test the standards are different then get a referral to uralagist than they give you second test,it varies from doctor if you are under 300 or low 300ngs they start you off with 200 milligrams test every two week i asked to do my own shots and did 100mgs every week instead , they no problem with pretty easy. They will show you or your wife how to do, trust me your wife like the increased libido energy.

You may be better off over in Pharma. T replacement is for medical need but your age could dictate that with a decline in T levels. You need to post labs for that.

At our age you best look to see if you have anything close to a normal T levels first. Read all the info stuck at the top of this forum. Get everything tested find out if you have any thyroid issues that may one. Be the cause of the problems with low T and two, will keep testosterone treatments from working.

Once you have your hormones level at an optimum level . You will find your muscles will grow again. Then I would say you should be given the same advice we all would be telling a kid wanting to use gear. Work yourself up to your natural limits first. Due to other medical issues that came out of nowhere, my workouts have been severely reduced, yet in a very short time my guns are notably bigger. My gut is smaller every muscle on my body harder. And my wife is crying, both happy and worn out.

That is in three broken months of pull-ups, push ups, and planks, and hiking up hills. I would say give yourself a year in a gym. You might not need or want anymore than that. But if you do your muscle structure will be better suited to the extreme workouts you have in mind with gear. Give your connective tissues a chance to get ready for it. Injury is very likely if you try to go from wimp to stud over night by way of gear. You can speed up the muscle growth, but not the tendons.

You can just walk into a lab. Can you get what you need without a proscription, if you find that an extra boost will be of help? If so and you can not use insurance and most can not unless they are very low or need thyroid meds. Do it yourself it is much cheaper. Private MD - Buy Lab Tests Online

Show results here and decide what to do from there

Here is a 12% discount on the blood test. Order Lab Tests Online - Full Panel Blood Tests - Private MD Labs assuming they have a lab by you. If not there are others

Obviously one needs high-normal T levels.

But also need E2 managed near 22pg/ml.

Metabolic balance is more that T and E2. You need optimal Vit-D25 levels usually requiring 5,000iu Vit-D3 per day. Also need optimal thyroid function. fT3 controls body temperature and ATP production via mitochondria.

See these links found here: About the T Replacement Category - #2 by KSman

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  • things that damage your hormones
  • protocol for injections
  • thyroid basics - check oral body temperatures to evaluate
  • finding a TRT doc

No short cuts, do the reading and know the facts.

At 60, we are not looking for a cause for low T, so testing LH/FSH could be skipped.

fasting cholesterol
fasting glucose

Thyroid is very important. You need to have long term use of iodized salt and/or vitamins listing iodine+selenium. Sea salt, pink salts, real salt are all a road to ruin.