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Best PCT to Use with Methyltrienolone


Hey guys I'm wondering what the best pct would be to use with a Methyltrienolone only cycle.

I know its the most liver toxic oral (I have run it before). This is my 8th cycle and I'm not afraid to pin.

My stats are:

230 pnds
15 % bf
Been lifting for 12 years

I'm running a 4 week cycle at 1mg ed. I have milkthistle, LIV52 and R-alpha lipolic acid for liver support.

On my last cycle with Methyltrienolone I ran it with test-e (4 weeks Methyltrienolone and 12 weeks Test-E) I used Nolvadex and Clomid for pct.

Do I need to change that with this cycle? dosages?

You're help would be much appreciated.


Sounds horrible! Why? Why oral tren only? Shoot some prop with it if your so set on it. And to answer your question here’s a link

I’m interested to hear what others have to say about this .

But if 4 weeks on. 4-5 weeks of Nolva should be fine 20MG ED


Do labs and see how bad things get!

AST/ALT will show liver stress.

Do test E2 as this can get high from liver not effectively clearing E2 from blood.


Why on Earth would you want to do this? What are your goals with this cycle? I’ve literally never heard of anyone doing a methyltren only cycle.

And at the very least, add TUDCA to your supplementation. I don’t remember what liv52 has in it. I know it doesn’t have tudca. Add NAC if it doesn’t have this as well.

The PCT link already given is where I would start as far as that goes.