Best PCT Protocol for Long Term Cycle?

Hi guys can anyone suggest the best PCT protocol for someone who is on Anabolics from last 18 months.

Stasis and taper.


Din get u at all… r u from India ??

A stasis period of trt level test, with a taper, followed by administration ofTriptorelin, followed by a SERM protocol.

Last time I came off, that worked the best out of anything I’ve ever tried. 4 weeks trt dose 100mg/week, reduce by 25%/week over an 3 additional weeks, triptotelin shot, clomid for a month (started clomid during the final week of the taper).

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Trying to learn/understand this method. You recommend this as an effective way to PCT and keep gains correct? Tapering doesn’t do anything as far as assisting with the PCT aspect though… correct? exogenous test at any level keeps you shut down and further it takes 4-5 half likes for it to be gone regardless before starting the serm regimen. Did I get that right or am I misunderstanding? Thanks guys, I don’t do PCT anyway but I want to know proper methods as well as I’m interested in tapering down to TRT levels as a benefit when stopping cycle.

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Theoretically, the period of trt and taper might have benefit. There isn’t any evidence as to when your body may start working to restart, with small amounts of exo test, below what you would produce naturally. It may begin fighting to make up the difference. What I’ve done in the past was abbreviated, as it probably should be extended for longer, but it did have the best transition I can remember of all the times I’ve come off. The triptorelin was key as well. B&C here.

Thanks a million. I’ll keep that in mind

Thankyou so much bro…