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Best PCT Drug


Ok so I've been hearin the nolva is great, clomid is ok and torem. Is also great for pct usage...I'm trying to figure out the proper pct I will be using...what I found suprising is the benefit of clomid and the stimulation of your testes after cycle while nolva does not do this...I have also heard that nolva is better for gyno which is not a huge concern of mine but will be taken into consideration(not prone to it)...what I'm more concerned about is the best drug for keeping myself healthy and getting my natty test as soon as possible after my cycle is done with. This is what I will be running...

Week 1-10 (400mg) test e, 2 injections every 4 days
Week 1-4 (20mg-30mg) test e ED
A-Dex .25 EOD or .5 EOD if needed
Nolva on hand if needed during cycle

Thanks for the input guys.


I have used both nolva and clomid, never toremifene. I certainly prefer nolva over clomid as clomid made me extremely emotional.


Torem is highly recommened by some individuals.


is there a typo in your cycle?


Inject e3d or every Monday and Thurs (for example).


I meahnt to put 1 injection every 4 days..just as pitbull said Monday then thurs


And ya pitbul I've seen it reccomended before by some people and they love it..mr walkman thanks for the input about the clomid and nolva..did you see any better in keeping your gains with one vs the other? Or pretty similair bsides the emotional part?