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Best PCT After Test E Cycle

Hi all
I’m soon to be running a 12week cycle of test e only and am looking for advice on the best pct I can take to keep my gains and get my hormones back to normal as quickly and safely as possible.

My planned cycle will look like this:
Weeks 1-12: test e @250mg/ml on Monday and Thursday
Weeks 1-12: arimidex @0.5mg eod
Weeks 1-12:500iu per week of HCG
Week 14-15:clomid@ 50mg/day

When is best to jab the hcg?should it be split into 2 jabs per week?
I’m also thinking of adding nolva to weeks 14-18 but have heard mixed opinions on this.
I been training for 8years, not extreme but always hard and 4-5days a week.
I’m 5’ 7"/1.7m, 82kg/12st13lb and 11-12%bf.
Have done various cycles in the past (jabs/orals). I’m looking to keep 10lbs after pct is done.
Any advice is greatly appreciated

Pct starts week 15 not 14. If your running clomid I would run 100/100/50/50. Adding the Nolva won’t hurt, if you do run it 40/40/20/20.

Hcg should be split into 2 injections. You can do it the same days as your T injections.

Everything looks good the only thing I would do is run the hcg and the adex into the last week before pct start. Stopin the hcg 4-5 days before pct and taper the adex down in the last week as well. Your adex dose might be too high you’ll just have to play around with the dose.

Cheers buds!!! I’ve been told to use a load of other products in my pct and during my cycle too, Such as hcgenerate and need2slin amongst others, but I’m not sure if they’re just products affiliated with the forum I asked the advice on…any input on the need to add these in?

over the counter stuff is crap and doesn’t work

Well if its the site I’m thinking of then yes, there just pushing their product. The clomid/ Nolva pct is all you need. I’ve heard hcgenerate is garbage, I’ve never used it so who knows all I know is the standard pct ha been around for ages and is still used today because it works.

Thanks a lot!!! I was almost swayed into getting some!!

Info from Swifto over at on the steroid.com forums…the most comprehensive ive seen that still makes sense

  1. PH/Designer Steroid PCT

wk 1-4 Tamox 20mg/ED


wk 1-4 Clomid 25mg/ED (50mg/ED week 1)

  1. Test Enan/Prop Cycle Lasting 6-14 Weeks

wk 1-6 Tamox 20mg/ED
wk 1-6 Tore 60mg/ED (120mg/ED first 14 days) OR Clomid 25mg/ED (50-100mg/ED first 7-14 days)
*HCG 250ius 2-3 times/wk (on cycle )
*Aromasin 10mg/EOD (on cycle)

  1. Aggressive PCT (shutdown for 16-52+ weeks)

wk 1-8 Tamox 20mg/ED (40mg/ED first 7 days)
wk 1-8 Tore 60mg/ED (120mg/ED first 14 days, 100mg/ED next 7 days)
*HCG 250ius 2-3 times/wk (on cycle, every 8-10 weeks take a 2-3 week break [E2/PgR])
*HCG should also be ramped to 500ius 14-21 days from PCT
*Aromasin 10mg/EOD (on cycle)

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