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Best Part/Worst Part

So, what is your best bodypart & worst bodypart? (And guys, pick something other than your willy!)

Best: Calves
Worst: Chest

Best: arms
worst: chest

Best: Back
Worst: Legs

best: chest
worst: Legs

Best: Legs
Worst: Chest

Best: Arms/Calves
Worst: Gut/Chest


  1. Back Thickness
  2. Quads
  3. Calves


  1. Arms (particularly biceps)
  2. Shoulders
  3. Chest

Best: Back
Worst: Abs

Best: Back
Worst: Legs
Lower back is pretty crappy too.

Best: quads (cycling has been good to me)
Worst: Delts (specifically medial and posterior)

BEST Bodypart = Arms

WORST Bodypart = Your Willy

Does that count?

“I don’t know what I would do without Whitelaw. Everyone should have a Willy”

~ Margaret Thatcher

best: hamstrings
worst: triceps

I don’t mean to complicate things, but how are we determining the best/worst. Looks, as in definition? Strength, (obviously the larger the muscle, the more it can lift)? My legs are by far the strongest muscles in body, and my quads are semi-big, but there isn’t much defintion. My calves are tiny, but they are extremely defined.

I’ll just go with looks alone…
BEST=Biceps(they’re not that great at 15 inches, but I get complements on em, it’s probably just my 50 lb dumbbell hammer curls)
WORST=ABS(by far)-they’re really strong, but I’m still at like 13% bodyfat, so there is less than zero definition…

worst:spinal erections

Best: Chest
Worst: Calves

Best: Back, ass

Worst: Arms


best: shoulders
worst: arms (but not for long…)

best: arms
worst: chest

Best: Legs
Worst: Chest