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Best Page In The Universe


google for "Best Page in The Universe". You'll be glad you did!


Lol, I've been such a long fan of Maddox. Too bad he stopped updating. =/ I can waste HOURS on that site at a time. Funny shit!


for those who are too lazy... You can't afford NOT to read this page. You will seriously be up at night reading it, i have been an avid follower for years now.



If anyone likes random site like this, you should go download firefox's stumbleupon extension.


You can select you favorite categories and just click away. I found some great job site using this along with some really funny web pages.

Fair warning though, if you spend a lot of time browsing now, this feature will take it to a new extreme.


that dude is a bitter computer nerd... he sucks


I agree with this. Say goodbye to free time when you get stumble