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Best Overhead Press Template?

I know that all templates in 5/3/1 work well to increase strength on the 4 big lifts but is there a specific template someone has tried that works well for the overhead press? Looking at the Beyond 5/3/1 book, the advanced 5/3/1 is “talking to me.” Any thoughts on this?

Beach Body Challenge jumps at me first, being that it’s all press/no bench.

Just prioritize the press, don’t look for a special way to emphasize it via programming. Just be conservative with the bench and maybe one lower body lift as well, so that your energy and focus is on the press.

If you prioritize a lift, it stands to to be COMMON SENSE that something would be de-emphasized. Obviously.
So choose the thing(s) you want to de-emphasize. Simple as that. Then you do what is necessary to bring that lift up.

Thanks for the feedback!