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Best Overall Training CD

Hell yeah, Shugs! No doubt that LP is rockin’ in my Discman too. You could check out Nonpoint, Disturbed and/or Drowning Pool too…I can do it up right with them too, but you’re dead-on about nothing beating LP.

Editor’s Note: This post is by the original Rafael, the wrestling coach and powerlifter from upstate NY. I will be capitalizing the first letter of my name so you can tell me apart from other rafaels or Raphaels who are equal but separate.

My favorite is Guns and Roses Appetite for Destruction. Get warmed up on your squats as Welcome to the Jungle is starting, then do your max single to SWEET CHILD O MINE... Then switch to AC/DC back in black for a deadlift workout after. Of course i smoked too much pot when i was little and my social development stalled in 1990 forever. Stay away from that crap.

Dozers Gotta go with Disturbed or Linken Park far the 2 most solid albums to come out in a while. For those of you who truely like Linken Park I suggest you visit limewire and download some of their unreleased songs. look for “Part of Me” and “High Voltage” these songs should have been included on the album cause they are just as awesome as the rest of their songs. their are a few others as well, “Carosel” and “my sweet november” are 2 others.

It's high voltage, can't shake the shock cause nobody wants it to stop, so check it out


Sublime (self-titled)…a bit of a change of pace from what the rest of you guys are putting down, but its got a great mix, good beats, and soul all mixed together.

GokuZ: I think all of rammsteins cd´s is great to train to so if you haven´t got them yet it will be a good investment :slight_smile:

I a generall I like to train to either tecno/trance or heavy metall.
If I have to chose one album that I have to use the next year as my only training music I think it would be Herzlaid - Rammstein.

I think that to get me going a bit ‘mental’ for a workout, nothing beats the prodigy - jilted generation or the experience. I cant think of a song that gets me going more than ‘firestarter’. This is one of the best workout albums, and I have always out maxed myslef when this is on, absolutely banging beats mixed with metal riffs . Not a skippable song between the lot!

I’m with Chris - Linkin Park’s “Hybrid Theory” wins every time.

It’s got to be The Who Live At Leeds. I have yet to hear a cd with more energy and muscle than this one. Any of the Pearl Jam live cd’s would be a close second.

Chris…ANy Rage CD will do…and the first limp bizkit cd “three dollar bill y’all”…but lately I really love isturbed’s “The Sickness” . here’s the coup e grace though, there is a band that is from about 15 mils away from me in Wilkes Barre Pa, they just went ntional…called Lifer their Cd is self titled and it is awesome…pick it up and listen to the whole thing to appreciate it …if ya get the chance,


If it’s squat or deadlift day, no question: Slayer-Reign In Blood. 27 min. of pure aggression. Honorable mentions go to Rage’s first album, old school Metallica (Kill Em All), and Megadeth’s Rust In Peace and Peace Sells.

Motorhead when on a bulking phase. Perry Como when dieting :slight_smile:

Nope, never heard of em. But I do have most of Taxi Ride’s stuff.

Not bad for a yank, eh?

And definately I listen to a lot of Crystal Method during my workout, as well as Beck’s latest. I like to funk up the gym!

Linkin Park, AC/DC, Metallica, and of course, the soundtrack to MechWarrior 2 31st Century Combat. (No bullshit)

Ahh yes, Herzeleid and Sehnsucht are also really good choices from Ramms+ein. I own all of their cds but “live aus berlin” (what did you think of it Z Bumbi?) The reason I like “Mutter” better is just because its their newest one. And T-Peeps, give them a chance too. Look past the german lyrics. I bought my first Ramms+ein cd just for “du hast” and ended up hating the rest of the songs on it, but over time they grew on me and they will for you too. You cant get the guitar riffs outta your head. They’re the reason I started learning german! Check em out or may your local health-food store carry nothing but soy protein.

For a hardcore intensifying experience i jam to white zombie’s astrocreep 2000. Trust me that will get you psyched.

The best album ever for working is Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power. Nothing even compares, IMHO.

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The new System of a Down Cd-“Toxicity” is fucking awesome. Linkin Park is awesome. Staind’s self titled album is awesome. Panera’s Vulgar Display of Power & Far beyond Driven really get my blood pumping. I just bought the new P.O.D. CD and it’s sounds pretty good so far. It just has to be fuckin LOUD & HEAVY.