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Best Overall Training CD

There’s nothing like getting the right music going when training, but it’s hard to find one CD you can spin throughout the entire workout without switching it or skipping songs. So, what’s your current choice for best training CD (not individual songs, but the whole CD.) I gotta go with Linkin Park’s “Hybrid Theory”.

I have an entire case of cd’s JUST for workouts. They include: Rollins Band: “Nice”, “Weight”, “Get some, go agian”, Offspring: “Smash” Darwin’s Waiting Room, Nonpoint, a Mix of current and old school wrestling themes “RVD, Kidman, Lance Storm, Demolition” Dope: “Felons and Revolutionaries”, Pantera “Live”, Monster Magnet: “God Says No”, And Rage Against The Machine: “self titled” and “Renegades”…among others. Lata.

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Puddle of Mudd-Come Clean- KIcks Ass!

Bob Dylan “Blood on the Tracks” the poignant tales of love lost and love found really get you in the mood to lift some serious iron. Also, there is nothing like a good cry to rid yourself of distress.

At least you guys can choose your music. The family place where I workout plays horrible music. A typical workout includes listening to Britney Spears, NSYNC, Backstreet, Destiny’s Child and a host of other pop bands. I have tried headphones, but I hate having something on my head while lifting, and usually the pop crap is loud enough to hear through headphones anyways. If I had a choice, Metallica “Metallica” would be good, as would U2 “The Joshua Tree.”

Session 001, by Jen-E. Bet that one’s got you stumped… [grin]

i have to workout at the university gym now, and i hate wearing headphones when i lift, they just get in the way. but, when i used to have a heavy bag in my basement, the best was always His Velvet Funkness, Prince with Purple Rain. not one dislikable song on the cd.

NO MUSIC!! It’s way too distracting. I don’t even have a mirror in the basement anymore.

I was thinking of my favorite as I read your post and when I got to the end and saw Linkin Park I had to agree. I dont think there is one song on the cd that would take you out of the zone. I’ll need to burn that onto my mini disc (no not stealing the music off of the com, I own the cd already). Other favorites include- Project86 “drawing Black lines” (except for track 9 and 12) and Project86 1st cd (self titled I believe) all tracks. I also like listening to the rocky story but “living in america” really messes things up for me.

The new Enya cd kicks ass! Just kidding. I have a bunch, but I often go back to Bush sixteen stone. One song is even titled testosterone. I got the basics, Metallica, Rage, Tool, Godsmack, etc.

Ministry- Psalm 69, Pantera- Any Album (except the last one)…Anything heavy and aggressive…Ilike the music to reflect my workouts.

For me, it has to be either Big Pun’s first CD or the Endangered Species CD. Most of the beats are hard core and get you pumped to work out. Right up there: any Kool G Rap album except 4,5,6.

I travel a lot, so headphones are a must. Once found myself stuck in Gainesville, FL, and could not convince Ms. Spandex to change the station from 'Delilah". For me it’s usually the motor city madman, (that’s Ted Nugent for those whose nads haven’t dropped yet).

Another vote for “Hybrid Theory” - has a near-permanent place in my Diskman…perfect for drowning out the crap my gym plays in the morning (if there is any radio station not aimed at retirees that sucks more than “The New KTU” - a/k/a/ “The Beat of New York”, I don’t wanna know about it…)

I’d go with U2’s “POP” or “Achtung Baby”. Also, Pearl Jam’s “Ten”
And GNR “Use Your Illusion 2”

I always play BADMOTORFINGER by Soundgarden. Nothing keeps me really motivated throughout my training, but that.

Ramms+ein’s “mutter”. Even if you dont understand german, itll still pump you up. Heck, just make up your own words to it.

Come on people, its gotta be “Master of Puppets” from the all time greatest band, Metallica.

Anything by Kermit the frog makes me have a great workout!

Another vote for Linkin Park, also: Disturbed, Spawn Soundtrack, Slipknot, Stereomud, Crystal Method, Dracula 2000 Soundtrack, Korn: Korn, Marylin Manson: Antichrist Superstar (only), Rob Zombie (that one quiet track pisses me off, though), PRODIGY!, SYSTEM OF A DOWN!!, Staind: Dysfunction, STP: Core or Purple, Static X, Union Underground. Thank you.