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Best Overall Cross Training Shoe?

I’m looking for a solid all around shoe for training. I have Romaleos for Squats and Oly lifting and the Crossfit Plus (Mark Bell’s shoe) that I deadlift in, but I’m looking for something different. I’m drastically changing how I approach training and I’m looking for something that, in a nutshell, I can warm-up in (jog/bike/etc…), then lift in, and then finish in (sprints, Farmer Walks, “events”, etc…). I guess I’m looking for solid support during the lifting portion and flexibility for the other phases if that makes sense.

Any thoughts? The Nike Metcons look decent and have good reviews. I’ve also been eyeing the No Bull Trainer.

Metcon 3s look sexy af to attract all them crossfit dudes. Good all rounder exactly as a “training” shoe should be.

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That’s great! It’s been a real struggle getting crossfit dudes to stop by my home gym…


Metcons bring all the boys to the yard?

I’m digging the look of these NoBull Trainers

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And they’re like “My Fran is better than yours”?

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Don’t know too much about them. IMO not as fabulous as the metcons tho. Probably a handful of reviews online.

How about the range from Reebok or Inov 8. New Balance Minimus and other minimalist/barefoot shoes if you like that kind of feel.

Do you have any experience with Reebok or Inov 8? I’ve never bought a minimalist show aside from Vibrams.

I’ve never bought a crosstraining shoe actually. It’s always been a running shoe or a shoe for a specific purpose.

Mane don’t be cursing me with that crossfit voodoo

It’s too late. You’ll be kipping this time tomorrow.

Unfortunately no personal experience with them but that’s what online reviews are for

In the past I enjoyed a pair of Merrell trail gloves. I liked the minimalist shoe for lifting and everything else other than jogging or distance. Have only browsed and held their new range in hand but it’s probably an upgrade on my trail gloves.

Those don’t look bad at all. I have two pairs of Merrell’s for work too and I love them. Thanks for the recommendation.

you have more gym shoes than I have shoes


Check out the website/you tube channel “as many reviews as possible”.

He seems to have owned and reviewed every training shoe made in the last few years. Warning he is a Crossfitter!

For an all-rounder from what I gather Nano 7s seem better than Metcon 3s. Nano’'s look better though!

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A pair of Chucks or other brand knockoffs (Airwalks, Vans, etc.) are like $30. I find it hard to believe that the average lifter will notice a significant difference compared to training in some of the $120+ shoes linked above. Just double-check that you don’t pick up the Chuck II with a cushioned insole and you’re good to go.


I honestly find sprinting in chucks to be pretty clumsy. It could just be due to having long, flat feet, but I tend to clomp in them more compared to a running style shoe.

They’ll work for sprinting between implements on an event medley though.

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I just use socks or squat shoes lol

Low-top basketball shoes work really well. The Kobe’s are a good one to go with. You can even order from Nike and do the custom colors to get the look you want. These were built with soccer players in mind, so they work well as a cross trainer.

I squat with these once in a while and my ankles and feet are stable. 100kg C&J was fine too.

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I vote take 30 seconds or less to change your shoe if you’d like something that performs well. Maybe get boa laces for each pair to make the on and off even faster

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@Camm, will check that out, thanks!

Basically this. The Crossfit Plus or whatever they’re called are basically suped up Chuck’s.

That’s actually a good idea I hadn’t thought of.

Ya, lol, that’s the obvious solution and what I might end up doing.

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