Best Over-the-Ear Headsets for the Gym?

Found a 24-hour gym just minutes from my house that is perfect for my new-found interest in weightlifting - plenty of platforms and rubber plates and squat stands. Just one problem: The music is awful, and it is so loud that you can’t cancel it out with just ear buds without cranking the volume up so loud that it’s uncomfortable. Does anyone have any recommendations for good over-the-ear sets that also cancel out background noise? I’ve looked at several brands, but I’m curious what your favorites are.

IDK jack about over the ear headsets.

I have a pair of aftershox. they sound good, but more importantly have stayed put over my ears while I flop around working out.

Sony WH-1000XM4 since it has pretty successful noise cancelling. But i’d go for IEMs. I sweat a lot so i regret buying it instead of IEMs. It has really good quality but not for workout imo.