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Best OTC Fat Burner


Just wondering what some of you feel are the good fat burners on the market right now? I'm looking to trim up a little this summer, and have heard good stuff about VPX's Liquid Clenbutrx but also see they've recently changed their formula. Nutrex Lipo 6 Black also looks solid. Thoughts? There are so many out there and I know very little about them.


The thermogenic effect of more quality Protein =0?


HOT-ROX is pretty good in my experience. I hear VPX Meltdown is pretty solid, though I haven't tried it.

You can also just go with plain old EC- ephedrine HCl is available OTC at pharmacies (asthma medication), you'll just have to sign something saying you won't use it to make meth when you buy it lol.

EDIT: Some brand names for ephedrine HCl are Vasopro and Primatene- they also have generics. Or you could go with Bronkaid for ephedrine sulfate.


HOT-ROX are good and keep you feeling pretty good through out the day. I didn't like Lipo 6 Black at all. VPX Melt Down is pretty good too. Bronkaid (ephedrine) + Caffeine is reliable.


HOT-ROX also BPi rx6 is good stuff( and gives a big kick)


taking some green tea extract with your preworkout drink helps


Also taking green tea extract/egcg woth preworkut drink can help


I like HOT-ROX.


Ephedrine and Caffeine are great. But I've found that appetite suppression can't be beat with nicotine gum. Yup, nicotine gum.

It's hard to really quantify how much fat these products really burn, but eating less (within reason) is very quantifiable, so I care more about the appetite suppression effect. Keep in mind I like to do short term PSMF type diets or extreme cycling diets.


Gump, what is your reasoning behind short term PSMF diets? I read Lyle Mdonald's extreme fat-loss book and know about this method. Sometimes i am presented with opportunities where i could easily be out and about and on a liquid diet for a week and may want to take advantage of this type of diet, but i worry that swinging back between a 1400 cal PSMF diet and a bulking 2800-3000 cal diet will not simply just shed fat than build muscle but also stress my thyroid and possibly lead to weight gain if i jump to a high cal diet after lowering my metabolic rate . Thoughts?


While higher than that of carbs or lipids, it definitely won't burn more calories than you consume.

Ephedrine brah...time tested & scientifically verified.


I usually cycle while I'm gaining and don't use a very high surplus. Seems to work well with me.


OEP is still my go to when I take a thermogenic product; can't beat the energy from it


I would use HOT-ROX personally if I needed it, but nutrex is pretty good as well


EC stack... cheapest AND most effective fat burner.


What's the EC stack dosage exactly? What are your guys thoughts on CoQ10 for fat burning? Heard 100mg 3 times a day is good for it.


Get primatene tablets from WalGreens & No-Doz, Vivarin, or generic caffeine.

Take one primatene & half a caffeine tab to gauge how you react. Work your way up to 2 primatene (25 mg ephedrine) & one caffeine tab (200 mg) 3 x daily.


Pretty sure I got my best fat loss results stacking HOT-ROX and Seven (in the later half of the fat loss phase).

HOT-ROX always kills my appetite, and the Seven seemed to just tighten everything up. Not exactly sure if it was water, fuller muscles, or what, but once it got going, there were visible differences every few days.


Call me a homer but HOT-ROX is my hands down fav


Thanks. I'm assuming you take it after a meal? Can it be taken on an empty stomach if you're doing the intermittent fasting 16/8?