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Best Oral Steroid/pH for Cutting?


I've taken 2 anabolic steroids, m1t and superdrol. Great gains with both, i'm now looking to take something for losing fat/cutting. and something to stack with it for strength/endurance. All help would be appreciated, thanx!

By the way, i've been lifting steady for about 4 years. Just have extra fat I need to lose in the chest/stomach area


Try reducing your carbohydrate and/or saturated fat intake, counting calories and more exercise.

Good luck!




Havoc and/or hdrol as far as ph's go.

As far as real gear goes (which is far superior) I have no experience. Perhaps someone else here can help.


I sont really know jack about pro-hormones, my experience is that they are a bag of shit and i wouldnt bother.
As brook said, diet and exercise will be key to your fat loss.
Using anabolic support is a means of allowing you to drop calories below maintainence levels yet still hold on to a larger amount of muscle whilst losing weight.

The use of an oral is inferior imo to using testosterone, prop obv being the preffered ester.
If however you arent prepared to do this for some bizzare reason, anavar or winstrol would be the preffered drugs. My emphasis being on anavar - not to be an ass but do your own reading on why as im short on time.

Realistically though, and based on the fact that you have posted no stats to help us out, i would avoid drug use all together and diet down au naturale as - if the picture in my head of you is correct, your not trying to get from 6% - 4%bf, probably 15% to 10% which does not require drug use.


I would recommend not taking hdrol, its one of the prohormones that give you delayed gyno. But if you do, at least have some extra nolva around, ready to combat it.


There is no such thing as delayed gyno.

Gyno after the cycle is caused by an improperly run PCT, which leads to estrogen rebound. It could also be caused by prolactin imbalances, but none of the "normal" PH's have any such effects.

Which is why people should stay the fuck aware from the tren prohormones and anything that isnt based on current pharmaceutical steroids.

Proper usage of an SERM for PCT will prevent any problems associated with the common drugs.

Please dont give bullshit advice.


its hard to believe people are still thinking of running prohormone cycles

why not just use proper gear and get real gains ?

cheaper cost as well