Best Oral Only Cycle?

Can anybody help me with the best oral only cycle.
should i use anavar or Dbol
im looking to gain some lean muscles

The best oral only cycle is not doing one.

But seriously, if you are hell bent on doing one you could hypothetically do either. I know a few friends that feel fine or better than fine on dbol only, but they certainly don’t “gain some lean muscles”. They gain a lot from a 4-6 week cycle, like 10-15 pounds, but they keep almost none of it maybe 2lbs if lucky, the longest cycle i’ve seen was 12 weeks and that guy ended up keeping 5 or 6lbs, which given the damage to his liver (his enzymes were about 4x the high end after 3 weeks of pct) and lipids it’s not worth it, and also given his level of development, he probably could have gained 75-80% of that by eating more and being more dedicated to training. Although I have to say the dude did look swole as fuck for 12 weeks… but pretty normal after.

Anavar only isn’t that much better in terms lasting lean mass, you will gain even less. Although you may benefit from some fat loss if that is what you are after. Overall if you want gains that last oral only is pretty stupid, you’ll end up temporarily fucking up your liver and your libido (for some that’s a little more permanent). If you really want to do it, use dbol if you want to give the appearance of being huge for x number of weeks and use anavar if you want potentially lasting fat loss if you keep your diet up afterwards. But really if you value lasting gains and being able to get pussy on cycle, man up and pin

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As long as you are using an illegal controlled substance, why not use testosterone? Injection avoidance?

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maybe yes i just wanted to try oral firstden injections

holy shit. liver enzymes 4x the high end that far after the cycle? That’s insane. Did he have bloodwork done previously? That’s WAAAAAY out of the ordinary, and likely not just because of the Dbol. When I ran Halo, Tren, Test, and Dbol at the same time, my liver enzymes were well within range a week after my cycle was over.

But yea, oral only cycles are mostly useless outside of the short time you’re actually on. Not worthwhile at all.

I believe he had bloods done at some point prior, maybe not right before that cycle, and I’m not sure of the results but I can ask him if you are curious. He’s a relatively close friend and I see him once every week or so.

It seems to me that liver enzymes and resiliance to damage vary a lot person to person and even person to compound. For example, in a past life I was a pretty hardcore alcoholic, I’m talking ~6 years of between a 750ml-1L of liquor a day (not exaggerating and not proud of it) at my worst, and my liver enzymes were never more than 75% above the high end. After getting my drinking under control, one cycle of epi and they 2x the high end, go figure, and of course they went back to within range. But several of my drinking buddies from back in the day now have serious hepatic health problems and they weren’t even drinking that much. I guess you got lucky with the liver genes flip!

lol. man, I must have. I’ve had a lot of alcohol in my life as well. I still drink, even binge drink from time to time, although rarely these days. Haven’t had a drink yet this year though.

Haha, yeah neither have I. I drink occasionally as well, but don’t really binge anymore, it’s too much work and volume to get drunk lol. But seriously, I consider myself extremely lucky that I am now capable of drinking a reasonable amount without devolving into old habits, and that miraculously my prior drinking did not affect my professional life.

I’m also wondering, how long were you on the dbol and halo ? And I assume you mean testin not halodrol, the shitty turinabol PH, I’m guessing that was pre meet or contest or something and not that long since you seem to know what you’re doing so I don’t think you were on it for 12 wks.