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Best Option for T Cream?

I’m looking to try cream on the scrodum for a change.
I don’t feel I’ve ever got things right on injections and I’ve tried every protocol and doses from 70-210 and in between over the last 4 years so looking to try something new.

My doc is willing to prescribe but says androgel is expensive and my insurance won’t cover it.
I’m not too concerned with cost just want the best option available.

Also I’m a low shbg guy

The best option is probably a compounded cream.

Androgel is a joke, don’t bother. It’s weak stuff, less than < 2% T and you can’t really do scrotal application. It’s alcohol based so can burn thin skin.

You can get 20% cream from Empower and some others that are 10x stronger and will work with scrotal application. Do some searching on here for the other pharmacy that compounds it, I can’t recall it at the moment but it’s been mentioned a lot.

My endo was nice enough to write me a prescription for Empower pharmacy for which I paid out of pocket, it only cost about $50 for a 60 day supply. I was also told by Empower pharmacy techs that they don’t recommend scrotum application from the start, inner thigh is good enough for most men.

The T cream doesn’t affect SHBG from my research, so you won’t have any issues with SHBG decreasing like with injections. The Empower T cream is way more potent than androgel.

If you’re going to talk to your doc about a compounded t-cream. You should bring an example of how to word the prescription. They may not know exactly what you’re talking about.

I think there are some examples out there, I know I’ve seen an example on this forum a while back.

@highpull would you recommend this? Or could you provide an example of how what he would need to bring to the doc to discuss prescription formatting so he gets the right stuff.

Apply 80mg (2 CLICKS) to scrotum qd
Allow four hours before contact or exposure to others

I’d like to read some of what you have found, could you post some links?

Any idea if SHBG will rise when switching from IM to creams?

Thanks guys called empower and talked to them will have doc order next week when I see him.