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Best Option for PCT with What I Have on Hand?

Been on 300mg of test c per week for 16 weeks. I have 30 each 50mg tabs of clomid and 12000 units of HCG. Looking for the best way to run what I have for a successful PCT. any help would be appreciated.

Run the hcg for two or three weeks (depending where you are on your cycle) at 250iu eod. After that start the Clomid. 50mg/d for two weeks and then 25mg/d for the duration, until you’re out of pills. I’m assuming you’re on a rig or drill sight somewhere remote, so getting more of anything will be impossible. As such you want to make sure to maximize what you’ve got on hand. The plan set out above should do that.


Thanks man.I should note that I just finished the test a few days ago, and have been taking 300iu of HCG twice a week throughout.