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Best Option For Fat Loss

Hello Mr. Thibaudeau. I’m looking for a training program to springboard my fat loss goal. I’m 42, weigh 203lbs, with a 23% BF%. I do BJJ on T&Th for 3.5 hours per day over two sessions per day. I do my S&C work on MWF. I really enjoy training like a tank, but I realize I need to take a different approach in order to hit my goal of a BF% of 14% or less.

I’ve first cleaned up my diet and I have shed 10lbs/4% BF. However, I need a solid program to turbo charge the fat loss. I’ve looked at the 6 Week To Super Hero, Zombie Appocolypes, and Meltdown Training programs. Each program has facets I like, but I don’t know what is the best option for me. I’m willing to forego doing the heavy lifting for a spell while I shed the unwanted fat.

I’d greatly appreciate your input. Thanks!