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I have toyed with the Oly's more serious recently and am now motivated to get better at them. The reason being is that I added the power snatch, the power clean and push press to my workout, doing two of them every time. I know my form is clumsy and inefficient, but I am liking the physique changes they are bringing out. I'm not getting the level of violence and acceleration that I would like, and I am wanting to find some online resources to look at. (Coach is out....unemployed)
One I found and liked is Pendlay on his youtube channel CaliforniaStrength. Snatch, Part 1, How To, Olympic Weightlifting --> and 2, 3
same with clean.
Best I have found. Any other suggestions. The power variety is probably enough for me, but I would still like to learn what the hell to do to at least beat the girls on Glenn's videos. No misogyny intended.


I’m a big fan of Catalyst Athletics.


Depending on where you’re located, try just calling a few coaches/gyms and see if they would work with you on fees. If not, they may know another coach who will. When I started, I didn’t pay anything except the gas to drive out there a couple times a week due to unemployment. Some will let you work at the gym (cleaning or something) to pay your fees.

The Pendlay progressions are really good, and Catalyst Athletics has good video’s also!! Those are the two main ones I know of.