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Best Oils for in Shakes


Which are your favourite oils for adding to protein shakes?

I haven't tried any that I thought were particularly great yet. I tried cocunut oil last night. I thought it would taste good but it was horrendous - the after taste was difficult to deal with.


Extra light tasting olive oil. Adds no flavor


Coconut Oil. Adds great flavor.


^^^ I think he's looking for an alternative to coconut oil. OP, try macadamia nut oil.


Extra virgin olive oil.


Yea didn't read the whole post, thanks. Make sure you get a high quality virgin coconut oil, getting anything less will carry with it a much poorer taste


Thanks for the suggestions.

WestCoast, how do you gauge the quality of coconut oil? My supermarket didn't actually sell it, so I went to a small Asian store, which only had one brand. The ingredient list says Pure Coconut Oil.


Strawberry fish oil

Coconut oil just doesn't mix up for me, so would rather use coconut milk.


almond, hazelnut, and walnut taste great in fruit shakes.


I think coconut milk is the way to go, it's pretty much coconut oil with coconut solids...still like 1g/serving though, and it tastes like coconut flavored cream.

Personally, I think oils are kind of gross because I can never get them to mix, they always seperate so I'm drinking the oil and then the protein shake. Peanut butter or coconut milk emulsify with the shake and stay in solution so it's MUCH easier to drink.


Make sure it says virgin unrefined coconut oil, anything else is a processed version and is going to taste pretty bad.