Best of UFC 2009

just finished watching the (1 of 2) DVD “best of UFC 2009” and couldn’t believe what the spider did to forrest!! the other fights were great too. in case you missed a lot of them i recommend the rental.

and i just do this for a fun hobby so i wasn’t taking myself serious to begin with, but will be laughing even more in practice after that fight.

oh yes, disk 2. very good

perhaps worth it just to see the most hated (personal opinion) fighter Guida, who gets cheers for simply holding on, take a bloody beating from Sanchez and a well deserved (although split decision?) loss. yes!

the Capt America vs Nogueira fight was awesome. two old dog legends go at it full.

can’t say much about Brock 'cept he is strong and brutal. hard to imagine anything but a beat down from Carwin in the upcoming UFC 116.

Did it have Penn vs Sanchez?

Aw man that fight is not only awesome itself, but it’s a hilarious watch Diego. I reckon he puts that shit on, Rogans always going on about how that’s “real” and he’s just “crazy” but c’mon the dude is like a cartoon character.

i wish it had, i’ve only seen highlights of the penn vs sanchez. BJ (as far as i can tell) does not always show up prepared for his fights but he is was THERE for that one!!