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Best of the Worst (Fast Food)


Whats everyones opinions on which fast food place is the best for you to eat at? I think the worse by far is McDonald's. The best I think may be Taco Bell, not a lot of Trans fats in there. Lots of ground beef, or maybe Burger King (grilled not fried).


Wendy's has good options and McD's menu is much improved. Lately I prefer Rubio's or Chipotle.

TBell is prob the worst of them all.


Arbys would probably be the best, lean beef sandwiches.


I recently went to a McDonalds while on a road-trip with my wife and was surprised to find that McDonalds (at least this one) is now printing nutrional labels on their product packaging.

Now you can see how horribly you're eating!




Long John Silver's has to be near the top of the worst list, since everything on the menu is fried. McD's isn't far behind because you have to wash up after eating to get that nasty smell off your hands.

Chick-Fil-A has some good grilled chicken options, and being able to swap out fries for a cup of fresh fruit. The sweet tea doesn't help, but it tastes so good.

Chipotle is my favorite and they're good too, but still too high in sodium.


If I want to eat healthy I eat healthy food. When eating fast food why waste the chance to actually enjoy my food worrying about a calory here oh taco bell cooked in this oil. The joy I get from good old mcdonalds fries will do alot better for me then stressing just to get a healthier taco bell order.

So considering happyness is healthy for me, Mcdonalds is the best.


Chipotle is good but I prefer Qdoba. But either way, just one of those burritos is like 1200+ calories.


If you skip the fries and only eat burgers you can't beat wendy's triple burgers.


Wendy's burgers taste great, but I can't imagine they're very good for you even when compared to McDonalds or Burger King. Wendy's is about the only fastfood joint where you can get a burger so greasy the tinfoil wrapping is clear.


I think the award for Slow Death by Food has to go to... SONIC!

I've never eaten at one but the commercials are truly scary.


Maddox compares the taste of McDonalds' food to pig snot. I thought that about summed it up. When I want fast food, I typically opt for Spike's Hot Dogs or Boca Grande (greater Boston area eateries.) Wendy's is decent, in a pinch.


Burger King: Tendergrill chicken salad (use half the dressing packet) and a Tendergrill chicken sandwich sans bun. Delicious.


McDonalds has decent salads. Their asian chicken salad has 32 grams of protein and low fat if you go easy on the dressing with a good mix of veggies and even fruit.

Making smart menu choices, I'd rank McDonalds pretty high.

Subway is definately up there. Whole wheat buns, lots of veggies and lean meats...

Quizno's has good salads. Their sandwiches are delicious but usually high in fat.

Really anyplace can be decent if you stick with the grilled chicken salads and use dressing sparingly.


Trust me Kruiser, you're not missing out on the food, it's nothing special. I grew up in Oklahoma City, OK where the headquarters are and there is one practically one on every corner.

To the OP, the best fast food would be the salads from Wendy's with no dressing. The worst is by far Carl's Jr.


I forgot about Arbys the roast beef without the cheese is good for you!


Yep, I perfer their burritos, they are tastier than Chipotle. I remember eating two of their burritos one time (with one of the burritos having both steak and chicken) and felt so happy.


Wendys, not cuz its healthy because the classic double kicks ass. I can eat 3 of em. You might say why not just get some classic triples? Because the ratio of bread to meat on the triple is off.


I get fat just watching them.

Taco Hell is probably the worst. OP, I don't know what kind of crack you eat but the Bell probably has the most trans fat content of any fast food joint.

Anyone else have a Culver's in their neck of the woods? They fry their burgers in butter. It's probably the greatest thing I have ever eaten.


When i went away to school a buddy of mine just got done with a crazy workout.. we went to a place called

"Ponchero's" its like chipotle, Moes, and Qdoba but way more Mexican

I got the "El Gordo"

Which is double meet double rice double meet double everything and the guy was like are you sure you want the el gordo? and of course I said yea so he challeneged me and was just tossing as much as he could on there... and QUESO


I guess no one really gets it because its so big