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Without doubt T-mag is the best strength training site on the net, but what other types of sites do you check out? Here are some of mine, Golf = golfdigest.com, Rugby = planetrugby.com, Cricket = cricinfo.com (hey I’m from Nooo Zeeeland okay!), Diet is fitday.com and the USDA site and movie reviews rottentomatoes.com.

T-mag is at the top of the list now, but here’s the others: RoadBikeReview (general, racing, and trithlon discussion boards), Slowtwitch (triathlon site, mostly the discussion board), TriNewbiesOnlne (another triathlon site, mostly for new triathletes), Getbig site (though it’s nowhere near what T-mag is), Internet Movie Data Base, and Nitpickers.

These are some of my favorte sites.

i forgote one www.geocities.com/sprman66/MAC.html

Are you from Wellington?

rotten.com – pure evil since 1996.

No, moved to Dunedin in January prior to that Geraldine, South Canterbury.

Come on guys. ESPN.com T-Mag is the best site regarding bodybuilding, and it is updated on a regular basis. But I have to admit I check out others for my strongman and powerlifting.


Best humor sites on the web -
www.theonion.com, www.thespark.com


best place for info


For math problems http://problems.math.umr.edu/index.htm good one outlaw :slight_smile:

Mine is fightnews.com best source for boxing news and also has a link to the ufc page. Next would be the weekly fishing report for oregon.