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Best of the T-Nation Store


Hey guys,

So tell me, best product in the T-Nation store? And if they are the pills, what other supplements did you take it with, what kind of results did you get from them, and what were your results?





Metabolic Drive


Classic Grow!


I remember Shugart starting a similar thread a while back.


That will depend on what you're looking for. I believe the most essential product at the store is Grow!, the metabolic protein, Flameout, and of course Surge.

It would be too hard to single out a sole product.

My suggestion for buying is to get on that deal for the Metabolic Bars. Its not everyday you get freebies like that at T-Nation (samples, from time to time). I just ordered 4 tubs of Surge and one of the Metabolic Protein. Free shipping on over $100.


Big fan of Metabolic Drive and Flameout myself. its nice not to have to take 10 fish oils caps a day.I still use some of the left over Surge on my carb up days.


Why stop using it... Isn't during the workout the best time to have any carbs at all? With regards to muscle gain, and preventing muscle loss.


I love my Surge. I'm pretty keen on Metabolic Drive and Carbolin 19 too.


I like Classic Grow! and Carbolin 19 for my purposes at the moment.


I see a recurring like for Carbolin 19. I use it as well with the Alpha Male. Pretty good stuff.


Good gains on the Carbolin 19??


When do you use Carbolin 19 and Alpha Male? Is it when your bulking or what? Whats it supposed to do?



Metabolic Drive
Classic Grow!

In no particular order of preference.


when do you use these, pre, post or during? or just throughout the day?


Anyone try the Methoxy-7. I'm am about 2/3 through mt first bottle. Hs any one tried it out for an extended period of time?


Over the years I have used:

Metabolic Drive
Carbolin 19
Alpha Male

Have had some recent success with Carbolin 19/Alpha Male stack. I seem to be able to gain weight without really trying and BF stay about the same. Also seem to look leaner on this combo.

Have used HOT-ROX in the past with varying results. It didn't really do much for me unless I had my diet dialed in pretty well and my training was on point. To be expected though. Its not a magic bullet.

The 2 that i could not go without are Surge and Metabolic Drive.



I take half of one before I work out and go to class, then the second half when I work the graveyard security shift at the casino. 1 every other day is all I need to keep focus. That stuff is incredible.



Alpha Male and Methoxy-7 STACKED!!!


Put Carbolin 19 with that and you have the best legal stack on the market. I love this combo.


Currently I can't live without Metabolic Drive and Surge.

HOT-ROX is a must if you're cutting.

Carbolin 19 is a must if you're not.

Haven't tried Spike yet, but will soon.


I've been on the Anabolic Diet for about 4 or 5 months now and have been getting great results. So I only take Surge on my carb up days..



Flameout - had some awesome success with this.


Just started Methoxy-7 and I'm about a week 1/2 in and I feel a slight difference in muscle hardness.

The Metabolic Drive bars are good especially if you're at work and dont feel like mixing a shake or don't want to go a long period of time without some sort of food in you.

Cannot forget Spike, this stuff is excellent for lifting intensity.

I've tried a lot of supplements but nothing works like Biotest.