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I have a number of threads bookmarked, and often refer back to some of them for useful information. I would like to share some of them with you. If anyone else remembers a particularly good thread that I haven't mentioned, feel free to post it here.

I will try and add more threads to this list, there are so many good ones I can't possibly claim this is comprehensive.

Cycle Plans/Logs

(Note that this will be hopelessly outdated compared to what BBB would do now, but it's interesting anyway.)



(This has numerous tidbits and summaries of old threads that people probably won't read through.)





very helpful, thanks


this is the type of info. that should be readily available without doing a search. most noobs don't even know what to search for.


This would be a good sticky as an index. And the OP can maintain it by editing the first post.


Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll try and update it from memory whenever I can. Again, if anyone has any threads they think deserve to be added, feel free to post them.


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I vote sticky! mods? plz


This is a great thanks for posting a condensed list like this!

I'm wondering if anyone can post a link to a real good thread(s) on PCT? ... I already read the Bill Roberts thread about time off and tapering... add well as the serm AI sticky... all were great reads but I'm looking for more info on running hcg during cycle vs post cycle.

I don't want to detract from this posts original purpose, so links to other threads will be just fine...

Thanks, DOM!


Hey RG. I just happened to drop by after not having done so for I don't know how long and was more than pleased to see this thread at the top of the page. Thanks a lot for compiling all of these great threads! And I say that with the utmost humility, really I do :wink:


Thanks! I'm going to update it again when I have time this week. I think you definitely earned your place here, I learnt a lot from your threads and I think loads of other people did too.


Recently its been brought to my attention that we probably should have some basic info on brewing, producing alcohol solutions for oral use from powders and reconstituting peptides/hcg/etc.

I remember a few threads that were quite expansive, but cant seem to find many of them.

Im not much of a brewer myself so not much sticks out in my mind thread wise, Im familiar with really only the basics, and most of my knowledge comes spotty readings of this forum and some long threads on meso and other more steroid orientated boards.

If anyone remembers a particularly good thread on such topics that they posted in please throw it up so it can be added to the lists.


Westclock, there was a recent discussion between Bill Roberts and another guy about Finaplix conversions I think. I'll start a new section on brewing and add that, see if people find that one useful.




Those are a couple of threads on homebrewing. RG, perhaps start an "everything homebrew" thread and people can chime in with thoughts/experiences/recipes, etc... and post it under your homebrew section above?

Also, excellent thread!


Good idea. I'll add those now.


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Please suggest threads from old school TNation.

Many of us simply haven't been around long enough to have caught some of the gems.


Sorry lads, took a break from posting for a while. I'll add that thread you mentioned, BBB, I've had a quick read through and it looks like a good little log, with some comedy value thrown in.



Haha definitely a classic.

Any good logs with seldom seen compounds or drug combinations done by experienced users, insulin protocols and any peptide logs are greatly appreciated. Whether we agree personally with the usage of a particular drug does not mean we should not collect all the information we have and keep it safe for future generations.

Familiarity and education with everything we might see is ALWAYS a positive.


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what steriods have the least effects on your body? Explain what there called please