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Best of the Interwebz

Every now and then we get a new thread for a funny video. That’s great as I enjoy watching them but it’s impossible to find it 4 months down the line.

I propose to have a “Best of the Interwebz” thread where you just post good/funny youtube clips/animations or pics.

That way all you gotta do is come back to the one thread.

To start us off:

Single Voters

Mario FAIL (Semi - SFW) (Keep watching)

Worst Attempt at English Singing

Harden the Eff Up

March of Shame

An old classic. I ****** Matt Damon

My New Haircut

Martial Arts Tryouts

[quote]A_l3x wrote:
Martial Arts Tryouts
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bl5SaNBjLhg [/quote]


That reminds me of this:

Scary Pranks -

Makes me laugh every time

Here’s a list of the best of T-Nation.