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Best of the Forums Nominations


Hi All,

Alright, so I want to put together a thread filled with links to the best topics this forum has had to offer, so that newbies and vets alike can go to one place and get some of the past discussions and information.

However, as I started working on it, I realized I definately need help. I've only been around here for about a year, and certainly haven't read everything since.

But, I figured that if all of you out there remembered a thread that was really good, or a discussion that was informative, you might remember the title and search for it. Then post the link in this thread, then I'll put it all together in one nicely formatted and pretty topic.

Anyhow, these are the categories I am thinking of right now. I believe there could be many more, so if you feel like I've left something important out, let me know.

Best of the Forum:




Westside I


Westside II



5 x 5

(whole lot more)





(whole lot more)



Fat Fast

Don't Diet

Cheaters Diet



Mag 10
Protein Shakes
Hot Rox


Massive Eating

Anyhow, not sure if people are into this idea, but if you are, take a few minutes, do some searching, and find a couple threads that you think should be included in a "best of the forum" post.

Then, post the link and what topic you think it should be listed under in this thread.

All ideas welcome, from best of photos to best of discussions on immortal asses.

I'll put the final thread together if there is interest and responses in this one.



I'm not too familiar with how the T-forums interface works, but someone just asked me via PM if the id tag at the end of the link is for the thread or for the user?

I think it is a thread identification...


Pretty sure it's a thread identitier.


Once you open the desired thread, right-click on the actual page and select properties. There you'll find the correct Address (URL) to copy/paste for your Tag.


This is strange

When I search for something like "your refeed hq", I seem to get hits that are individual responses to that larger thread, but not the whole thread itself.

Anyone else having that problem?



The refeed HQ, I believe


Other possibilities would be steroid threads, as in threads for specific kinds. But the Steroid Forum guys would have to help you out with that.


here are some:
400m spritnts by TC
ascending-descending training by CT
almost every thread the man said a word.

Vain-threads f.i

the f***ing grow bars thread


If it feels like the bones are grinding, and you have health insurance, it is well worth your time to get an MRI.

I let a similar injury go for several years (originally started hurting in wrestling, later in rugby)

Turns out I had a torn meniscus pad, and by letting it go it got worse and worse, until I eventually tore the pad in half (and could no longer walk)

Straight to surgery from there.

Now I have to have a new pad put in, with full on invasive "break off the knee cap" surgery, because I waited.

Not trying to scare you, but consider having it scanned, and then see a knee specialist.



Umm, that wasn't supposed to end up there...

Anyhow, what I meant to say (or was lost somewhere) is that if you reccomend a thread, could you please do a search for it and find the URL?

This way, it won't take 2 years for me to complete, and it will be all fuzzy and shit like a group project of sorts.




How could a great thread like this die?

Blocks of Training

Exercise walkthrughs by Da Joel.

Coach Davies diet

CT's overtraing formula

There will be more :slight_smile:


400m spritnts by CT
ascending-descending training by CT
mmmmmmmm havent found it!
almost every thread the man said a word.

Vain-threads f.i

the f***ing grow bars thread


How about the old GROW! Bars thread with the swearing. You'll have to do a search for it though.



Wasn't hard to find this thread......just did a search for Poontang on the Forums......LMAO.

This thread stands out in my memory mainly because that was started the first night I visited the Forums. It was that thread that caused me to laugh so damn hard and keep hitting the refresh button.
What a welcome for a newbie Vixen.


Thanks to those reviving this thread.

I am looking up a bunch of the diet threads, especially trying to find the support groups of yesteryear.


Ah, I love Poontang.


I'll nominate "Alright Chefs/Cooks - Let's Step Up." It helped me a lot during dieting!