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Best of the Best?


Hi guys, I am new to the forum but out of every muscle building website, you guys seem to be the most informed. I was wondering, what the best supplements?

Best pre-workout? (is it NO Xplode, etc?)
Best post-workout? (is it muscle milk, etc?)
Anything else recommened for muscle growth? (HGH, creatine, other things?)

Can you take fat loss supplements and muscle growth supplements at the same time? What is a good combo?

Sorry, I have no idea what is the best. I used to take NO Xplode and it seemed to work but I am looking for something stronger, maybe. Thanks everyone!


I think it would be best for you to leave some more information about yourself. Height, weight, stats, currect diet, training protocol, etc. The more specific the better.


Best Pre-Workout?
Anything with Caffeine, Sugar, and Creatine

Best Post-Workout?
Any good brand of Whey protein taken along side another food with lots of carbs. The GNC brand of protein sucks.


Thanks for responding guys!

I'm 5'11 and 178. I have a good body type with a good amount of muscle. I just want to get bigger and cut fat.

I have been researching. I'll probably just go back to NO Xplode and some protein powder. But I was looking into things like HGH and Andro/Anabolic/Prohormone things. I'm not really sure.

I want something more powerful than a simple protein powder but I don't want to get mood changes, grow breasts, and have a big eyebrow ridge lol. Or maybe other things like ZMA, HMB, etc.? I am not even going to pretend I know half as much as you guys so I would really appreciate some advice on this. Thanks so much.


Are you aware that some of the best supplements made are sold through and support this very site?

Just click on "Store" near the top of the page.


ummm.... numero uno hgh and any prohormone or any test product is a bit out of your legue at the moment, for 511 178 and trying to cut fat try just making it to the gym first then once you get a good base try going back to the gym. Do a little research about what your getting yourself into. if you dont want mood changes or gyno then hgh and test are not going to be your choices.

zma and creatine and all the others are just supplements, dont use them as a crutch to get back into shape either. no xplode is great stuff its just expensive. go buy some caffiene pills (100 tabs for around 5 buck) some good protien, creatine and some branched chains. come back to us when you weight 220 6-10%bf and we can talk test


ha thanks.

Yeah, well I was probably going to stick with NO Xplode. I was wondering if there is anything better or more effective.

I do MMA and full contact fighting so I don't want just all inflation and no strength.


Beware supplement advice from 18 year olds who might have just enough knowldge to be dangerous.


What the hell are you talking about? NO Xplode is an awesome supplement! Look what happens if I do a search on that product!


Look here it is!


Ha! Now you have to realize that I owned your ass! Imagine how much smarted you would have looked if you had ran a search first instead of spouting about how NO Xplode isn't any good!

I'll get around to reading the article later, but for now I'm going to savor my victory like those sweet arginine-induced pumps I get at the gym!


Don't put anything into your body until you know exactly what it is and what it will do to your body (scientifically speaking).

Also, beware NO Xplode as some people get addicted to it and they start needing caffeine pre workout.

I think the only things you really can't go wrong in are whey and creatine monohydrate.


Brant, thanks a lot man. That really helps out, I am not going to buy it now.

But what isn't a scam? What is reliable and works?

Lanky, doesn't Creatine Monohydrate just give you a watery and inflated pump that just goes away when you stop taking it?


Basic supplement list:

Protein Powder - Low-Carb Metabolic Drive
Fish oil - Flameout
Multivitamin - Any brand
Creatine - Any quality brand, I use the one from here.

More advanced list, but still pretty basic:

Post Workout Drink - Surge
BCAA's - Any quality brand, I use the one from here.
Green Tea - Any brand, I use Celestial Horizons
Fat burner - HOT-ROX


Here's a nice article on creatine:


There are others on here as well.


RPM is good. Spike messed me up, from the Yohimbine. Other than that, Surge.

200 mg of Cyp/ every 3rd day, followed by a good PCT will also work nicely, way better than any supplement.


honestly i dont give a shit about how they proved that you cant ingest enough arganine safely to get the said effects of no xplode, ive used it, my friends have used it and i love the product, ive said it once after youve tried to bust me on this product, i dont care if its just hype or if its a plecebo, it works. and ive got pretty decent stats for an 18 yr old.

so chill out it was an opinion comment bro. have you taken it? if you have and you dont like it, well then that sucks for you becuase it works great for me, and your missing out on something...to bad


I don't care about what you take. But make it clear when you recommend products to other people that you may only be taking it because of the hype/placebo effect, present both sides of the argument, then allow the reader to decide. Simply saying "this is great" without explaining your reasoning is slightly dishonest on your part, especially if you've read that link before.

And yes, I've taken it. I made up my mind based on my experiences with it. If the OP is curious, I think he should do the same.


doyou present two sides to the argument of arganine ahving effects on your pump, from every post ive seen you make on it youve always said that its crap and it doesnt work, so why dont you take some of your own advice there bud, and i present one side of the argument and you can present the other side of it,which you and i did, so there is no need to shoot me down about it. let it rest there bud


The OP came here for an "informed opinion". Informed means:

  1. Possessing, displaying, or based on reliable information: informed sources; an informed opinion.
  2. Knowledgeable; educated: the informed consumer.

At 18 years old, the OP needs to rely primarily on hard work, adequate rest, and sufficient protein, carbs and fat. He likely gets sufficient carbs and fat in his teenage diet. He likely doesn't get sufficient protein in his diet. If he needs to supplement, he should stick to protein supplement like Metabolic Drive. The rest is a waste of money. Failing that, squats and milk.


Dylan, say "bud" one more time.

Brant, you still crack me up.


Thanks, bud.