Best of the Best. Any Changes?

yes good point :slight_smile:

True, I’m sure Casey went to FAILURE not just ‘yeah failure yawn’…

It was always said that he was breathing like a freight train…i would have loved to have seen that type of training just for perspective reasons

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I saw Jones train Viator multiple times. It was brutal to watch. Viator handled very heavy weighs and Jones pushed him just the right amount.

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To get back on the “best of the best” thread - I find the first two supersetted excercises ahead of its time. I mean, apart from a greater intensity, here we have more volume and also slight similarities with the “SuperSquats” system (very much in favour of one prominent member coach). Indeed, the intensity is also high.

If you reverse the order of positives and negatives to 5 sec pos / 10 sec neg - I assume it’s still considered SuperSlow - But, you are accentuating the negatives favourably - which means greater results.

As for going to failure, I believe you never reach complete failure on squats (well, maybe Viator could/did) but as long as you are over 80% of your RPE (on any excercise) you will get results (meaning not til failure also works). That said, I find the thoughts whether you know when you reach failure - intriguing.

I intend to experiment with the “best of the best” routine soon. Will hopefully return with my personally preferred adaptation of it here, for comments/criticism.

Remember that SS’s original 10up/5down was a concession to Friction in many machines. The (true) notion was that if you went too slow on the way down with a frictiony (?) machine, the friction would take away tension from the muscle and give you slack on the way down.

With free weights or low-friction machines like Hammer Strength, you are free to accentuate the eccentric as you wish. However, the Long Concentric set does provide a unique feel and makes a decent tool to take from the tool box periodically!

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