Best of Quads, 2 Minute Leg Press

I read “best of quads” (7/31/09); regarding 2 minute leg press, I did 63 with 270 (3/8 my usual 25-rep max (720)); how many sets do you recommend?

I’m rolling out of the gym in a wheel chair just reading this! I’m going to have to try it on my next leg day!

…how many sets can you do?

@Frank_C one was enough for me lol…

It should be enough for you, provided it’s a finisher and not the basis for your leg day.

Have you guys compared with the same approach but using reverse/bulgarian split squat, or lunges, or even front squat? Maye box squat zerhcer squat etc.

I like this idea a lot and have been training legs in a more just high volume (10 sets of 5 reps). Leg press is one option but why not just do the same concept 2 minutes on front squats (maybe off pins or rest pause)??

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I used to do 10 minutes of lunges, and would hit mid-200 ranges.

10 sets of 5 sounds brutal. I have found that high rep leg sets stimulate far more growth than low rep ones, so I don’t do anything for less than 8 reps at this point, and do a lot of 10-20 rep sets.

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High reps for legs intimidate me like crazy. I did 20 squat back in the day almost died (common story) and do not want to go through that, especailly as legs are like…oK tree trunks are fine but not a priority in life ; )

10 sets of 5 lets me use a pretty heavy weight while getting high volume. Without feeling like cardio/system shutdown from heavy & high rep legs. I’m doing advanced german volume training now (it is really nice), poliquin had article on it and thib’s blog as well

I will try leg press. I find leg press very relaxing…cause you literally just sit on the chair afterwads lol

A friend and I back where I’m from used to finish our leg day with a burnout where we would hop on the leg press, each do 8 reps, and keep adding a plate a side until we didn’t hit 8 reps, at which point we’d do a burnout of max reps removing one plate per side every time we hit failure, back down to one plate, and as soon as you hit max reps on the single plate and locked the platform back into place, you had to stand up as quickly as possible and walk around. The standing up was the worst part of the whole set.

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I had to go through my log, @wesley258, but here’s my last attempt. I was doing over 100 with only 180 on the sled.

As @flappinit says, one set is enough.

Hell, no! The only way I can survive leg press is that I don’t have to support my body. The strain of standing and balancing isn’t something I want to endure while also doing this to my legs.

How do your quads not cramp? I have to sit in the leg press for a bit before I even attempt to move. Any tension in my quads after I lock the sled seems to trigger dual cramping quads. I had to be careful after 3 x 25 with 4 plates per side this week.

They did cramp the first time, and I collapsed like a bag of bones. But like anything else, you adapt, and the next workout was cramp-free, if you don’t count excruciating burning as a cramp

That’s another reason I like to just sit there and relax for a moment.

thanks all! Cant wait to try 10 minute lunges as well! Getting ready for my first show, August 2019

I remember somewhere in my log doing 315 for like 4x15 concerning leg presses.

I’m perfectly okay with trying to torture myself for 2 mins. I’m gonna try eeiiiittt

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