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Best of HeadHunter


I really dont know who he is. Has he done anything epic here?

I DID read the dildo ridiculousness....

Who else is he on here? Clip11....?


Well there was this one time at Band Camp whe he put a flute.....

I enjoy the exploites of his more urban youthful characters. Like the thread he started with bow he was playing basket ball an the mean urban kids wouldn't let him use there reindeer "names".

Hell that one even got me caught up an pissed. Sweet work


Names? As in he. Tried tried to call then,uh that one word?

Wtf? Lol




I know a guy who use to post here (who will remain anonymous unless he chooses otherwise,) who thinks his sister may have actually the real HH as a teacher, if HH was who he says he was.

Pretty spooky stuff.


I am Headhunter!






I think I know who that guy is who used to post here and who will remain anonymous unless he chooses otherwise, who thinks his sister may have actually had the real HH as a teacher, if HH was who he says he was...


lol i remember that one


Man, he's good. He baits, takes his time to answer and then comes with the real purpose, to attack homosexuals and stuff.

Trolling is an art, indeed.



Read some of those replies, made in earnest.


I'm looking for this man to sell him to other man (at ten times the price at least)

ONE you lock the target
TWO you cast the line
THREE you slowly spread the net
and FOUR you catch the man


HH has got to love all this attention.

And yes, Rock... I'm sure Clip11 is at least a white guy, if not HH himself. Same with MethodMan or whatever his name is.


Ever thought that I may be HH?


If you are, you have some sort of serious multiple personality disorder going on.

Get help, please.


This is my therapy. I let my personalities roam on TN rather than just being a loon in my day to day.