Best of Both Worlds

Most bodybuilders stick to the 6-12 rep range (or above) exclusively. Is there much merit in performing a strength lift at the start of a workout for singles or triples then employing more bodybuilding techniques or would you view this as sitting on two horses with one ass?

I have been lifting for about ten years and have reasonablish strength levels so I’m not a beginner. If size is the main goal would I be better off getting stronger in the 6-12 rep range or placing one main movement at the start of the workout with a pure strength goal. The goal with the latter is simply to move more weight in the higher rep ranges. I don’t see many bbers doing this and am curious as to whether this is because it is chasing two goals.


Chest Day
Max Bench (Singles or Triple, Cluster sets etc)
Incline bench 3X10
Incline flies etc etc

Leg Day
Squat (Singles or Triples)
Front Squat 4X10
Leg Press 3X10
Leg Curl etc etc


it’s a damn fine way to train. Have at it.

Classic stuff, the old heavy, low rep strength move to start then high rep accessory stuff after.


Why do you think most BBers still perform their main movement in a higher rep bracket? They are already strong enough to not worry about completing stuff in the lower range?