Best of Both Worlds

I’m mostly into powerlifting but it’s somewhat boring. bench, squat, dead, and overhead all the time and in strongman there’s more events. I like both types of training/contests and was wondering if I could compete in both. I’m 16 and not sure where too many competitions are and doubt I’ll do any soon I would like to train for a few more years first. But just wondering if powerlifting strength will translate well into strongman.

I know lots of guys that do both. I also know guys that do strongman that are involved in Highland Games, All-Around Lifting, Martial Arts, Olympic Lifting, and probably others that I’m not thinking of now. You can’t be an expert at everything, but if you’re just looking to mix some strongman into your training for now, go for it.

Zydrunas savickas, 3 times worlds strongest man and probably the best raw powerlifter of all time

They pretty much go hand in hand.