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Best Odd Workout

I read Dan John’s article today and it got me thinking.I did a little routine that had me seeing spots from oxygen deprivation,but damn it worked.It was as follows:
seated leg raise-15 reps with 60% load,add 20 pounds and do 10 reps,add 50 pounds to that and do 10 reps,add 20 pounds to that and crank out 5 reps

Go directly to a squat/power rack and do the same thing,only rest you get is the break from changing the weight.I did that for a month and had to buy 38 pants for my legs to have some room.I was wearing a 32…

So my question is what crazy things have you all done that looked crazy and was a bitch,but worked wonders.Can’t wait to see some of these routines.

Never did a workout that was too odd for people to actually turn around and stare, but we have a guy at my gym, not really sure of his mental health thoug, he’s a self proclamed fitness guru with a seriously odd workout rotine.
he’s got a split program with for seperated workouts…

DAY 1: right side of his upper body-YEAH RIGHT SIDE!! :confused:
DAY 2: Right side lower body
Day 3: Left side upperbody
Day 4: left side lower body

dont know if it works but i really doubt it, anyways it look insanely funny, just imagine the lat pulldown!

that would mean all isometric movements just about.Surprised that more people havent posted.