Best Nutritionists to Follow?

I find that following certain s&c coaches on social media is extremely valuable. I was hoping to broaden my nutrition knowledge and wondered who you follow? Specifically on facebook and Twitter, thanks!

I don’t do the social media thing, but the dudes I’ve learned the most from through things like articles, podcasts and forum posts have been:

-John Meadows
-Shelby Starnes
-John Berardi
-Skip Hill

I have no idea how much social media presence they have, but I would expect quite a lot given the world we live in today.

Meadows has a paid site which is apparently incredible although I’ve never actually gotten around to signing up; not too sure what the score is with Shelby; Berardi runs a site called Precision Nutrition and Skip Hill has his own forum and posts articles on EliteFTS.

It’s also worth noting that, with the exception of Skip, all those dudes were/are contributors to this site, so a quick bit of searching’ll pull up some really interesting content.

Jeff Calamari… errr Cabreze, uhhh… Athlean-X